Cat Behaviour Problems.

Cat ScratchingCat behaviour problems are a lot more common than most people think and quite often the reason behind people surrendering their cats or kittens to animal welfare shelters.

Cats are a totally different animal to a dog and tend to be more independent and harder to train than a dog, but fortunately there is nearly always a solution.

As long as you are patient and prepared to do the work you will get results. The longer cat owners ignore or leave theseAggresive Cat Behavior behavioural problems the harder they are to correct and that's when frustration sets in.

It's going to take consistent effort on the cat owner’s part and the use of the right techniques to get a cat to behave as expected.

Find the right information or an expert.

Getting the right information from a reliable source like a vet or a animal behaviour expert will go a long way towards eliminating the frustration that is involved in attempting to train or retrain a cat, and will help you to get the desired results as fast as possible.

Not only will you be happier and have a happier household, but your cat will also have a happier life as well.

Observe what is going on in the cat or kittens environment.

Common behavioural problems can be anything from urinating inside the house, scratching furniture to aggressive Cat Behavioraction towards you, other animals and even other people.

Urinating and aggressive behaviour can often be associated with your cat feeling insecure about itself and its surroundings, look for any changes that have occurred that could make the cat feel threatened or insecure.

Desexing your cat.

Are your cats desexed?  Quite often desexing can eliminate aggressive and unacceptable behaviour especially in male cats who no longer find the need to wander or mark out their territory.

Sometimes it can be a jealousy problem if there is only one pet and then another one is bought into the family the cat with the problem may feel like it is not wanted and feel like it's not getting enough attention.

Moving house and a change of location can affect the stress levels of people and the same can happen to cats, so any major changes in their environment can have a marked effect on the way they behave and extra "one on one" quality time will need to be spent on them to ensure that they feel safe and secure.

Finally any changes in the cat’s routine will almost always instigate changes in their behaviour so we need to be sensitive to this and help the cat or the kitten to adjust to different environment or circumstances.

Discover how to end cat behavior problems fast.