Cat Of The Week

Every week we feature a new cat of the week or kitten of the week from one of the many animal adoption shelters around Sydney. All cats and kittens from these agencies are desexed, micro-chipped, wormed and behavior checked before adoption. All contact details are given in the summary of each cat or kitten.

Cat of the week Suki

My name is Suicre (pronounced Sook-rah) which is both Irish and French for Sugar. My forster mum calls me Suki! I am 4 years old now. I was originally given a home for life by my rescuers, but Mum and Dad found out that they were not allowed to have me in the unit any more. I am now living with Foster mum and another cat (by golly, I thought I was the only one). I was very scared at first.


But my foster sister made me feel really welcome, and I share all my scratching posts and toys with her. We play together every day now, and chase each other gently every day! And when not lying in the sun on the internal verandah, foster mum lets me go out every day.


I am not so used to that, so I sit close by the door and watch my foster sister play. We run and run together and play chasings. I am used to a mum and dad, and I love to jump up onto the bed for regular naps.


I love being tickled under the chin, and foster mum talks alot (and I love that). I watch the birdies from the porch and the internal verandah, and its just so exciting.


I need a home with parents who might need to be very gentle and friendly with me, but now, I know I can live with another cat, and I am so excited. I am cute, and love naps and food.


I will come up to you for special cuddles, but you will need to be really gentle and loving until we are used to each other. I found having another cat has really helped me enjoy my life a lot more, but my priorities are play, food and love!


I am now a tall girl, (but internally I havent changed a bit since I was a kitten). My forster carer calls me darling baby girl Suki. Suki is located in Kurrajong NSW  

ADOPTION FEE: $125 Includes Desexing, Vaccination, Microchipping, Worming and Flea Treatment

                  Cinnamon Female Champagne DSH 12 months

Cat Of The Week-Cinnamon

Cinnamon is such a pretty girl, she was surrendered to the local pound with 6 other cats by the same owner. Cinnamon is a friendly girl that is fine with other cats so would suit most households.
Cinnamon is located near Windsor NSW

Ph: Mobile: 0435 698 211
Adoption Price: $140

This Weeks Cat is Desiree


Urgent Plea for a home 

Desiree grew up a shop cat, and was sent to the pound to be put to sleep when the new shop owners didn't want her anymore. Despite having no fixed abode she's very used to being handled and comes when called. She really is very sweet and friendly to people she knows she can trust. She will pretty much always find a way to be in the same room as you as she likes the company, and although she's not a lap cat, she will cuddle up next to you and enjoy a long head rub. Desi loves being both an inside and outside cat. Mostly she's happy indoors, but likes to be able to pop outside every now and then. She doesn't really like other cats and is easily stressed by them, so for this reason it would be best if she went to a home with no other animals. As long as she is the only pet in the household, however, she is a happy, delightful girl to have around.


Contact - Megan 96272767
Adoption Fee - $85 Includes, Desexing, Vaccination, Microchipping
Worming and Flea Treatment.

This Weeks Cat Is Mo

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Read The Whole Story About This Cute Boy Below

Cat Of The Week

Mo is the sweetest, most beautiful and affectionate senior citizen you will ever meet. He loves to be brushed and stroked and will sit there for hours while you pamper him.

He adores attention and TLC and will lie on his back purring his heart out for a brush and a tummy rub. At 10 years young, Mo has been abandoned and left to die by his previous owner, severely neglected and starved.

He came into care a walking skeleton with the worst flea infestation I have ever seen. His beautiful coat and skin had patches missing and he was filthy and crusted with dirt. He is currently under veterinary treatment and on a specialised diet to ensure he has a happy and long life.

Mo lives with his foster carer, 2 children, a gentle cat friendly dog and 2 adult cats who are also Himalayans. He is not fazed by any other animals as long as they are not aggressive and he will fit in to a home with existing pets and/or children. Mo is quite afraid of my 4 year old son though and would best be adopted by a family or individual with no young children.

Mo will only be adopted to the very best of homes and preferably to an individual who has knowledge of the Himalyan breed and care.

He will more than likely need minor veterinary treatment in the future and definitely lots of love and TLC. He will need a family with time to pamper him and he will quite possibly be on a specialised diet for the remainder of his years.

Unlike most Himalayans, Mo is not double coated so his beautiful fur is quite easy to maintain.

His care will involve a minimum of brushing at least once a day which he absolutely adores and he will need to be an inside cat only which is non negotiable unless he has access to outside via a fully enclosed area.

Mo is litter trained, desexed, wormed, flea treated, microchipped and vaccinated and he will be available for adoption when the vet clears him healthwise.

Enquiries regarding Mo are more than welcome and Mo is located in RICHMOND NSW.

Ph: Mobile: 0400 566 606
Adoption Price: $170

This Weeks Cat is Milkshake 22 month old Tabby

Cat Of The Week

Milkshake - 22 months Tabby and White Female

Milkshake is a lovely, happy cat with beautiful facial marking and ultra soft fur. She loves her food and especially loves getting cuddles while eating and will come and get you with meows and purrs getting you to follow her to her food bowl for eat-cuddles.

Milkshake is a small, gentle cat with lots of energy forever chasing leaves and paper-balls around. She is very entertaining and often sprints up and down the hallway chasing herself, or our other cat.

Milkshake will greet you when you return from work, shopping or just when you get up in the morning with purrs, meows and weaving in and out between your legs.

She enjoys our garden lying around in the grass but doesn’t wander far away. When she returns from a stint in the garden she will meow to let you know she is back and ready for some food-cuddles.

She is a very lovely, gentle cat that will suit most households. She has bonded well with our male cat, so I believe she would be fine in a household with other cats.

Contact: Maja
Ph: Mobile: 0451 020 201
Adoption Price: $125

Celene Female Tortishell DSH 16 months 

Cat of the Week

Celene, and her 5 kittens, came into care after being rescued from the pound. Celene is the most affectionate and beautiful natured cat that I have ever fostered. She is so loving and appreciative for everything you give her and just loves to snuggle and purr. She's a lovely girl that needs a good home where she will be looked after and treated like she should have been all along. Celene is fine with the other cats, dogs and anything else that comes along, she has the most relaxed gentle nature. Celene is a good eater and is litter trained, because of her friendly and relaxed personality I believe that she would make a wonderful addition to any household. Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you would like to meet with this lovely little treasure.

Ph: Mobile: 0430 580 466
Adoption Fee: $125

This Weeks Cat is Chucky

Cat of the week Chucky

Another sad story, Chucky is a 9 year old Persion who is a beautiful natured boy that was left to live on the street when his owners packed up 6 months ago and moved house. Chucky was then caught by neighbours and taken to the pound. After living on the street for 6 months Chucky became so matted that by the time DCH got him from the pound his hair was that bad we could do nothing but shave him bald. Chucky has had a rough life. His 1st owners gave him away and the 2nd owners moved and left him. Chucky has slept on his carers bed since he was rescued and he also sleeps with the carers 2.5 yr old son and is good with other cats. Chucky is bald right now and it will take awhile for his hair to grow back. He will need to gain some weight and needs a kind loving home. Chucky will only go to the best of homes and needs to be an indoor only cat. Chucky is available desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed for $200. If you can offer him a fantastic home please contact Kelly on 0430 580 466 or visit for more details.

  This Weeks Cat is Hannah

Cat of the week

Hannah is an adventurous kitten who likes to explore but knows she's not allowed on the kitchen benches and table. She is extremely clean with her litter. She is fantastic with kids and would be a great find for a family with young children. She doesn't mind dogs. She didn't like the cat that visited, but may adjust to other cats in time. A petite girl with four white socks and pretty light brown eyes. She was born between mid March and mid April of this year. Hannah is available desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed for $140. Please contact Megan on 9627 2767 or visit  for more details.  

This Weeks Cat Is A Gorgeous Girl - Roseabel

Cat Of The Weekj


Roseabel found herself in the pound after being picked up by the local ranger. After doing 7 days in the pound Roseabel was due to be euthanised. This is what happens to all animals with no microchip. Roseabel is such a friendly and lovely girl we could not let her be euthanised. Roseabel is a nice calm girl of around 3 yrs of age she is fine with other cats but not so much with dogs. Roseabel would suit most homes she is a low maintenance kind of girl that just wants somewhere warm to sleep and unconditional love. Roseabel is available desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed for $140. Please contact Kelly on 0430 580 466 or visit   for more details.  


This Weeks Cat Is Mumma Bear

Cat Of The Week

Mumma Bear is a lovely, gentle natured 15 month old kitten who is a fantastic mum. She was dumped while pregnant and gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens who are ready for their forever homes. Mumma lives with her babies, adult cats and kittens and a gentle cat friendly dog. she doesn't really like dogs so needs to be in a home without a dog. She is fine with other cats and kittens and loves people. Mumma has a very placid nature, she loves affection and will come and sit on your lap for a cuddle. She is fine with children but smaller ones can scare her. Mumma has had a sad start to life and would love to find a caring forever home. She will happily be an indoor/outdoor cat and will reward you with lots of affection. Mumma Bear is available desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed for $140. Please contact Megan on 9627 2767 or visit for more details.  


This Week's Cat of the Week is Ebony.



Ebony is a 17 month old black and white kitten who is an extremely affectionate cat. She is very relaxed yet a little adventurous. She is also well behaved around other animals. Ebony came into care after being dumped with a litter of kittens, wandering the streets she quickly became pregnant again with her kittens having only just been weaned. Luckily she has now been desexed and is ready to start her new life being spoiled and loved. Ebony is available desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed for $125. Please contact Megan on 9627 2767 or visit  for more details.

This Week Our Cat Of The Week Is Bentley

Cat of the week is Bentley

Bentley is a 6 month old lovely black and white kitten who is full of fun and personality. He loves playing with the other kittens and cats at the carer's place and isn't bothered by the dogs either.

Bentley loves being cuddled and patted and will thank you with lots of big purrs. At the moment Bentley spends time both indoors and outdoors and loves to lay on the grass in the sun and sleep.

Because Bentley is such a social little guy I believe he would make a wonderful pet in any household. Bentley is available desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed for $140.

Please contact Kris on 0405 593 088 or visit for more details.

This Week Our Cat of The Week Is Macca

Cat Of the Week Macca

Macca is 10 months old and came into care after he was taken to the pound but never adopted. Not sure why this boy was overlooked he is a beautiful champagne colour and has the most lovely eyes. Macca is good with cats both male and female and loves dogs. As soon as he met my dogs he was rubbing all over them and trying to make friends. Macca would suit most households because he is such a calm and loving boy. Macca is available desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed for $140. Please contact Kelly on 0430 580 466  or visit for more details.  

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