Cat Urine Problems

Cat urine odour, it doesn’t matter whether it is in the litter box or somewhere else in the house the first thing want to do is get rid it. Unfortunately it’s a smell you just can’t ignore.

Cat urine can be a real problem. It can waft through the whole house and it will be taken over with the pungent aroma. Simply put, it is not attractive and it can make the whole house smell.

No one wants that so what can you do about it?

Litter Box 

The most important part of eliminating cat urine stains and smells is in understanding why they choose to urinate outside of their litter box. If you can discover the cause of the problem, then you'll be able to work towards a solution of what removes cat urine smells.

Your cat might not like where his litter box is located. If it's placed in a spot where there is too much going on, they could decide to do their business elsewhere. Put the litter tray in a less busy area.

Make sure the litter tray is clean or you are asking for trouble… cats are very clean and fussy creatures and don’t like using a litter tray that has been used and not clean. If you have more than one cat make sure you have more than one litter tray.

Health Problems

A health problem could be causing your cat to urinate in odd locations or it could be a behaviour problem, your cat may feel threatened in some way or has become territorial for some reason, especially if another animal is introduced into the house.

An insecure cat may feel the need to spray objects with urine to mark their territory especially males that have not been de-sexed.

Finally make sure you don't stress your cat out because the more stressed your cat is the more likely it is that they will urinate elsewhere.

However if the accident has happened and you need to clean up that cat urine smell there are a few remedies that might solve the problem.  

Removing cat urine and odour.

Many cat owners prefer home solutions using natural ingredients. Depending on the severity of the problem home solutions can be very successful at times but at other times they are not.

The very strong smell of cat urine will often need something a lot stronger or more specific than what you can find in the home pantry. 

If you are buying something over the counter look for products specifically designed to solve cat urine problems, avoid general cleaning products as cat urine is potent and is protein rich so it tends to be more difficult to clean and to get out of the air. 

Avoid any cleaning products with bleach in them and the reason for that is cat urine is filled with ammonia, ammonia and bleach does not mix well together. You also need to avoid cleansers with ammonia in them because the cat will be attracted to it and that’s becausetheir own urine has an ammonia smell already.

Cat urine smells are some of the hardest to get out of fabrics and flooring. Stay on top of them by addressing them sooner, rather than later. The longer the urine gets to set and dry the harder it will be to remove it from the area. 

If you have cat urine smell in your house that you can’t get rid of than we can help.

We have found a successful cat urine cleaning product that has great reviews.

Urine Off™

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If you can discover the cause of the problem, then you'll be able to work towards a solution of what removes cat urine smells. This book gives you an excellent understanding of cat behavior problems as well as solutions. Click the image to find out more.