Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Deciding to keep your cats indoors can be a difficult choice, but it is one of the best choices you can make for your cat’s health. C ats, like children, depend on us to recognise danger and protect them from harm.

The outdoors poses many risks to your pets and there are lethal risks that can be completely avoided:

TRAFFIC   : Many people think that getting hit by a car is just part of pet  ownership. Your pet is not likely to agree....   

POISON : Cat's are curious and adventurous animals and don't usually resist the temptation to check out the neighbours' yards or the hoods of their cars, and even their flower beds. 
Although it is illegal and inhumane, some people put out a poisonous substance to get  rid of cats pawprints on a car. Poison also may be put out for other animals or vermon, and cats are accidentally poisoned because they may have eaten a poisoned mouse.

ANIMAL CRUELTY  : Unfortunate, but true, there are many  people in this world who are intentionally cruel to animals and cats are especially prone to abuse.   

SERIOUS INJURIES  : If  your pet goes outside, it risks serious injury and even death by getting into deadly fights with other animals, and also exposure to those animal's diseases. Bite wounds often become infected, resulting in a serious consequences for your cat, and a veterinary bill for you.   

DISEASE :  Even if your pet is vaccinated, it runs the risk of serious diseases: 

* Leukemia - The vaccine for feline leukemia, although valuable, provides about 80% - 85% protection, leaving your pet still at some risk of  contacting leukemia, a deadly disease transmitted basically by saliva, from another cat.

* FIV - Feline Immunodeficiency Virus - FIV is a disease that compromises the immune system of the cat. There is no vaccine for FIV, and there is no cure. FIV is generally transmitted between cats by biting.

A blood test determines if the cat is  FIV positive. Scientific evidence indicates FIV is not communicable to humans. A number of stray cats are FIV positive, and your cat runs a significant risk of FIV contact with these outdoor cats. For more information regarding FIV, contact your veterinarian.

Unfortunately no cat, no neighbourhood, is immune from these dangers. Give your cat a long, safe, healthy life - indoors!