We’re excited about our new cat care blog and look forward to providing you with information, tips and resources about anything to do with cat and kitten care.

We are also looking forward to using this blog as a platform to find good homes and lovingI Am a forever cat owners for the manyCat Care abandoned cats and kittens that are currently in shelters and foster care waiting for someone to give them a home.

Unfortunately there is an over population of cats and kittens all over the world and Australia is no exception.

Finding these innocent animals a home is a major priority and education is needed about pet owners taking responsibility and having their male and female cats desexed.

It’s the only way that the breeding cycle can be curbed.

We will post any updates on organisations or vets who are offering free or discounted desexing as we find them.

If you’re interested in owning a cat or a kitten or you know someone who is, there will also be cats and kittens of the week posted on the site each week and the details of where they can be purchased from.

If you have any interesting or useful information that would benefit cat or kitten owners we would welcome your positive contributions.

We hope you enjoy this blog.

Debbie Green


The Importance of De-Sexing Your Cat

I have just trapped and had euthanased, another Feral/Stray cat (this one was approximately 3-4 months old, so technically, a Kitten!)

It is a very sad thing to have to take the life of a cat/kitten which, through no fault of its’ own has been carelessly brought into this world and left to fend for itself with no human interaction or kindness.

Do people understand the misery they inflict upon these poor cats through ignorance and not taking responsibility? These poor cats are diseased, frightened and literally fighting for basic survival on the streets.

These cats and kittens are riddled with intestinal worms, fleas and possibly heartworm.

Due to their fighting for food and territory most of them are infected with Feline Aids, a highly contagious and terminal disease that is caused by cats biting and scratching.

If your cat or kitten gets attacked by feral/stray cat with Feline Aids then it will most certainly be infected with the disease. These poor animals live a miserable life of pain, fear and hunger, and a slow and painful death.

De-Sexing your cat/s is a simple procedure that is quite often offered by Councils, Vets and Animal Welfare and Rescue Societies at subsidised rates, (and sometimes FREE) for people experiencing financial difficulties.

It is a simple procedure and the only way to “break” the cycle of unwanted, unloved and abandoned cats and kittens.

It is just as important (and usually very beneficial) to De-Sex your male cats as your female cats. De-Sexing tends to quell the oversupply of Testosterone which is abundant in sexually maturing Tom cats.

It calms them down and tends to halt “spraying” and Territorial behaviours. They will tend not to wander as much (if they are indoor/outdoor cats).

There are no negatives here, it is a safe, simple procedure that stops the unnecessary breeding of cats, and unless you are a Registered Breeder for Show and Exhibition purposes then it is an essential part of Responsible Cat Ownership.

De-Sexing is best done before the age of 6 months (around 4-5 months is ideal)


Don’t Forget Our Strays!

If you are feeding a stray cat, or colony, or are aware of any strays living in your area,Cat Rescue Newsletter Image now is the time to get serious about desexing them. Stray and abandoned cats contribute significantly to the number of kittens entering pounds. Desexing even one cat will reduce this number, and the suffering their potential offspring will experience.

Cats are prolific breeders. A single male will mate with multiple females, and a single female can have two or three litters during the spring and summer months. Each litter will contain on average 4 to 6 kittens, and any female kittens will begin breeding by 4 months of age. As soon as a female gives birth, she is ready to mate again.

Don’t delay. Even if you are unable to commit to caring for the stray cat in the long term, if you don’t desex them now you can guarantee in the next couple of months their numbers will rapidly multiply. The solution is simple – act now before it gets out of hand.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing it will be easy to re-home kittens. As we enter spring, any undesexed cats will begin to breed, and by October NSW pounds and shelters will be overflowing with pregnant cats and new born kittens. Their numbers will continue to increase over summer, and tragically, the vast majority of these animals will be destroyed.

Remember, in terms of population control and minimising the spread of disease plus instances of injury, it is just as important to desex male cats as it is to desex female cats. Click here for more information. Appeal for Donations
CatRescue is continuously in the process of rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens all year round. For each animal we rescue there are always subsequent vet bills on top of the desexing, vaccinating and microchipping costs.

To cover these costs which allow us to continue our lifesaving work, we rely on the generous support from the community.

If you can put aside just $38.00 each month it will go a long way to helping us care for and rescue more animals from death row. Or please consider making a once off donation. Every dollar we receive is put to immediate and effective use.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
Click here to make a donation to CatRescue
Thank you to our Sponsors and Volunteers

CatRescue would like to thank and acknowledge the many wonderful people who have contributed financially or volunteered their time to run this programme. In particular we would like to thank Dixon Advisory Group for their incredible generosity and ongoing support.



Thank you for reading our email, and for your on going support.

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For more in depth information on cat health, cat care and cat adoption go to: http://www.catcareaustralia.com.au

Caring For Your Cat As It Gets Older

Today’s post is the first of 4 posts on caring for ageing and old cats.

Well Cared for Cats can Live Longer
Cats who are well cared for can live up to and beyond 20 years. It is important to know and understand your cat’s needs as it grows older. From the age of seven your cat is entering into its’ senior years and will be going through changes in metabolism and exercise levels.

Common Signs of Aging in Cats
Weight loss is common in older cats and this could be due to Diabetes or Thyroid problems. Kidney problems can also develop and can be life threatening. Cancers can develop resulting in strange growths and sudden or continued weight loss.

Senior cats can also develop cognitive behavioural dysfunction, which is similar to Alzheimers disease which affects humans, so care and understanding are essential for your cat to stay as healthy and happy as possible in their twilight years.

They may experience joint stiffness and Arthritis, particularly in the colder weather so more care and gentle handling will be necessary and possibly medication for pain management.

Dental disease and gum disease generally affect older cats and you may not notice the signs. If your cat is taking longer to eat or appears to be “wrestling” with its’ food have your vet check it out.

Their hearing and vision along with co-ordination may deteriorate with age. (If they seem to ignore you when you call or speak to them they may not just be exhibiting “stubborn” behavior)

Tomorrow we’ll talk about general cat care for older cats. If you’d like to know more about cats and cat care go to http://www.catcareaustralia.com.au


Cat Quote Of The Day

I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not! Mine had me trained in two days!!!

Bill Dana

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Cat Quote Of The Day

If you shamefully misuse a cat once, she will always maintain a dignified reserve toward you afterward. You will never get her full confidence again!

Mark Twain

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Cat Quote Of The Day

I love my cats because I love my home and, after a while, they become its visible soul.

Jean Cocteau

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Cat Quote Of The Day

God made the cat so that man might have the pleasure of caressing the tiger.

Fernand Mery

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Cat Quote Of The Day

Cats don’t like change without their consent.

Roger A. Caras

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Cat Quote Of The Day

Cat Law: Climb yor way to the top. (That’s why the curtains are there!)

Anonymous (Cat)

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Adopting a Cat

There are hundreds of cats and kittens currently in foster care needing “Forever Homes”. Each week we add to our website Cat of the Week and Kitten of the Week.

These are forwarded to us by DCH Animal Adoptions, a volunteer rescue charity for rehoming abandoned animals. These cats and kittens are being cared for in private homes by foster carers but really need to be in a loving and nurturing environment of a “Forever Home”

You can go to our website and see all the beautiful cats and kittens and read all about them.

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Cat Quote Of The Day

I Purr, Therefore I Am.

(Cat) Descartes

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Cat Quotes & Anecdotes

A cat is more intelligent than people believe, and can be taught any crime.

Mark Twain’s Notebook

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Cat Quote Of The Day

Two Things Are Aesthetically perfect in this world……The Clock and the Cat.

Emile Auguste Chartier

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Cat Quote Of The Day

You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense.

Jane Pauley

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Cat Quote Of The Day

Everything comes to those who wait…..except a cat.

Marilyn Peterson


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Cat Quote Of The Day

Only Cat Lovers know the luxury of fur-coated hot water bottles that don’t go cold


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