Sick Cat

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Sick.  

Being human makes us special in so many ways that we forget about how animals actually feel on a humane level.

Sickness is something that affects every living organism and when nothing is done about it we can find ourselves facing the unnerving claws of death.

But before any illness reaches the point of being a threat to life there will always be symptoms that indicate to us the need to get medical help. When it comes to cats there are cat behavior patterns that tell us that a cat is ill. 

The most effective sign of ill health in cats is sudden aggression. Even though it is an accepted fact that domestication does not completely get rid of the raw animal instinct of aggression, there are times when a cat behaves completely out of character.

The best way to know if your cat is sick or unhappy is when it suddenly starts to react with aggression towards family members.

The eating patterns of cats are generally spaced out and meals for cats are not as large as those for bigger pets like dogs. When you notice your cat eating more than usual you should always check to see if there is something wrong.
Sometimes this can be a simple case of abdominal worms eating away at the food your cat may have eaten. 

Another cat behavior to look out for is eating grass. Domestic cats don’t generally eat grass and if anything this is usually a sign that the cat is feeling mildly sick, perhaps suffering from an upset stomach.
If you notice this happening you should refrain from feeding it whatever it ate before you saw it chewing on grass. 

If you think your cat or kitten is not behaving in ways that it normally does, observe it for a small period of time and if nothing changes then it would be advisable to take them to the vet just to have them checked out.